Casual but Fun


The playground at my school, JPS, is casual but I love to go there and take a rest, sometimes I go there to refresh my mind. What I like about the playground is, it has 2 gazebos, one is near the main gym and one is near the jogging track and the wide soccer field. Everytime I take a rest at the gazebo with my friends, the summer breeze gently brush my hair to the back.

Before you go to the playground, you need to walk downstairs using a stairs, then you will see a path that split into two. If you go to the left you will see the main gym and if you go to the right and follow the path you will arrive at the playground. There are many things, such as swings, slides, monkeybars, seesaw and other things. Behind the playground there are many trees planted there.

Behind the trees there are swimming pools, the student use the swimming pools for study swimming styles or maybe sometimes we prank the birthday boy or girl, usually we asked him or her to go to the swimming pools then suddenly we pushed him or her so that he or she will fall into the swimming pools.

Aside from the swimming pools, you can see the jogging track and the wide soccer field beside the second gazebo, located near the swimming pool. Usually we use the jogging track to run, sprint, jogging or maybe used for relay race. We rarely use the soccer field, sometimes we use it for studying javelin throw with our PE teacher.

Even though it was only an ordinary playground, it’s fun to play, especially when you play it with your friends.

A Fascinating Country

South Korea, a country, which has many interesting places to visit. South Korea is one of the countries that are classified into the Asian continent. South korea is located next to North Korea. There is a border between the South Korea and the North Korea. I will show you more about South Korea.

South Korea can be considered as one of the famous country because of their interesting food, especially their spicy noodles, as known as ‘Samyang’. Mostly people who like to eat spicy food love samyang. Aside from samyang, there is also ‘bibimbab’ which means mixed rice. Bibimbab contains white rice topped with seasoned vegetable and ‘gochujang’, which means korean chili pepper paste,Soy sauce, raw or fried egg and meat. The dish need to be stirred throughly before eating.

Another famous dish is, Tteokbokki, as known as stir fried-rice cakes. Tteokbokki, made from rice cake, in korea rice cake were called tteokmyeon, rice cake noodle. The most important ingredients are boiled egg, fish paste and scallions. There are two types of sauce you can eat with Tteokbokki, either soy sauce,spicy chilli sauce or non-spicy sauce. Tteokbokki commonly purchased and eaten at snack bars as well as street stalls.

South Korea also known as a country which has many famous idol. There are so many variety shows which was made for people who are talented, such as dancing, singing, rapping, acting, modelling or hosting. Also, there are 3 most famous entertainments, they are YG entertainment, JYP entertainment and SM entertainment. Each of have their own nickname for their sets of group. YG’s entertainment nickname is YG family, JYP’s entertainment, JYP nation and SM’s entertainment, SMTOWN.

There are so many interesting places in South Korea. They are Busan, Daegu, Seoul and the most fascinating one is Jeju island. Each of them have their own accent and dialogue. Busan and Daegu mostly use Satoori(read as: Saturi), Jeju island use Jejudo dialogue and Seoul is Seoul dialogue. Mostly tourist went to Seoul, they buy souvenirs, taking photo, buy accessories,clothes. In Seoul, there are several places which sell different kind of clothes at the side of the street. South Korea also known as fashionable country, almost all of the citizens have a good fashion sense. That is one of the reason why tourist were interested to go to South Korea.

Over all South Korea is a very interesting and fascinating place, that got many tourist attractions,delicious food, talented people.



Unforgettable Fieldtrip

Gambar terkaitHave you ever been to Kampung Gajah Wonderland? well, you should visit it. They have more than 20 awesome ride. You will not regret it when you go there. I’ve been there with grade 7 and 8, last Thursday on April 27 2017. It was so much fun, we played many rides, but it can only played one time. You will know more about the rides and facilities in Kampung Gajah and also my experiences when I was there.

Pernahkah kalian ke Kampung Gajah Wonderland?Nah, kalian harus mengunjunginya. Mereka punya lebih dari 20 wahana menarik. Kamu tidak akan menyesal saat kamu pergi ke sana. Saya sudah pernah ke sana bersama kelas 7 dan 8, pada hari Kamis tanggal 27 April 2017 lalu. Itu sangat menyenangkan, kita bermain banyak wahana, tetapi itu cuma bisa dinaiki sekali saja. Kamu akan tahu lebih tentang wahana dan fasilitas di Kapung Gajah dan juga pengalaman saya saat saya disana.


Exploring The Mini Zoo||Menjelajahi Kebun Binatang Mini

We arrived at Kampung Gajah around 11 a.m and we line up so that we could receive our entrance ticket. Once we received the ticket, we directly went to the mini zoo. There are so many adorable animals. There are rabbits, bunny, monkeys, peacock,birds and iguana. We took a pictures of it. We also took a white plastic bag containing carrot that has been cut and vegetable leaves. We fed the bunny with carrot and vegetable leaves. Some of the animals were placed downstairs, so we have to went down by a stairs made up of rock. There are birds and peacock there. Almost everybody attracted with the peacock, but they didn’t open their wings. There are blue peacock and white peacock that are caged together.

Kami sampai di Kampung Gajah sekitar jam 11 pagi dan kami berbaris agar kami dapat menerima tiket masuknya. Saat kami menerima tiketnya, kami langsung pergi ke kebun binatang mini. Di sana banyak sekali hewan hewan yang lucu. Ada kelinci, monyet, merak, burung dan iguana. Kami mengambil gambarnya. Kami mengambil kantong plastik putih berisi wortel yang sudah dipotong dan daun sayur. Kita memberi makan kelincinya dengan wortel dan daun sayur.Beberapa hewan ditaruh di bawah, jadi kami harus turun lewat tangga yang terbuat dari batu. Di sana ada merak dan burung-burung. Hampir semua tertarik melihat merak, tetapi dia tidak membuka sayapnya. Di situ ada merak biru dan merak putih yang disatukan di dalam kandang yang sama.

Interesting Rides That We Played||Wahana-wahana menarik yang kami mainkan

The teacher gave us free time to play any rides. Almost all students interested in playing Tubby, where you slide down from the top of the hill using a tube. Then we walked around and  some of the students wanted to play haunted house. The students who didn’t go inside wait for their friends outside, once they were done, they told how is it when they played the haunted house. Me and my friends then decided to ride the Iron Man car rides. After that we asked Mr.Pras to took us to go around the Kampung Gajah one more time. Then we decided to play Sky rider. We can only ride the Sky Rider if our weight is between 20 until 60.

Guru-guru memberi kami waktu bebas. Hampir semua murid tertarik untuk bermain wahana Tubby, dimana kalian akan meluncur kebawah bukit menggunakan ban. Setelah itu kami jalan-jalan di sekitar dan beberapa dari teman kami ingin pergi ke rumah hantu. Murid-murid yang tidak pergi ke rumah hantu menunggu temannya di luar, saat mereka selesai, mereka pada bercerita bagaimana di dalam rumah hantu tersebut. Aku dan teman-temanku memutuskan untuk menaiki mobil Iron man. Setelah itu, kami meminta Mr.Pras untuk membawa kami untuk mengitari Kampung Gajah sekali lagi. Setelah itu, kami memutuskan untuk bermain sky rider. Kami bisa bermain Sky rider kalau berat kami antara 20kg sampai 60kg.IMG_9829.JPG

The waterboom||Waterboom

After we played the Sky rider we went to the waterboom that placed at the bottom of the hill. The weather is starting to be cloudy. Then all of us swim in the wavepool until our teacher asked us to take bath, it was around 16:30. Then after all of us took a bath, we went upstairs with a car. We took a photo per-class for memories then we went home. We arrived at JPS at 11:45 p.m.

Setelah kami bermain Sky rider kami pergi ke waterboom yang terletak di bawah bukit. Cuacanya mulai berawan. Lalu kami semua berenang di wavepool sampai guru kami menyuruh kami mandi, sekitaran jam 4:30 sore. Lalu setelah kami semua mandi, kami kembali ke atas dengan mobil. Kami mengambil foto bersama-sama untuk kenang kenangan dan kami pun pulang. Kami sampai di JPS jam 11 malam.

“Let’s live while doing things we like”-Oh Sehun






My mom will not give me permission to go to their concert, this is so sad.

They will come here on Saturday, 29 April 2017… NOOOOOOOOO

I’m dead, they killed me 999999999999 times. Someone help me lol


VIP:Rp 4.000.000

Sergant: 700K

why?! just why?! xD I don’t have money…

My FakeSmile:)

I want to tell you guys something. I’ve just ended my relationship:) and every smile emoticon I sent is a fakesmile:)). U know how hard my struggle is…

I struggled to protect my relationship and hoping the day I broke up is not happening. I wish I can turn back time, everytime I think of him, I flashbacked every sweet moments and let my tears fall down cause it hard to hold back my tears. My eyes felt heavy everytime I think of the memories, I just can’t let you go easily…

“Darling, stay~ with me…”

“I hate you I love you, you want her, you need her and I’ll never be her.”

everyone is asking me, “why you like that boy what’s so special about him?” Let me emphasized(I forgot the writing), not all people are the same, they have their own type. I like that boy because I SAW HIS TRUE COLOR SHINING THROUGH and that’s why I love him.

I can’t lie, I can’t let him go easily like that. I still want to be with him and I don’t want to let someone like him just because of his physical appearance or his wealth, I don’t want him to be hurt. 

rasa sakitnya biar gue aja yang rasain, lu gak usah rasain:)) (let I feel the pain because I don’t want you to be hurt:))

10 Oct. Annyeong…!!


10 Oct, BTS will comeback with their second full album called Wings, there will be 4 version of albums. W I N G. We can only order the album and BigHit ent. will give you random version so you cannot choose one. For this time they will not give you poster like the HYYH pt.3 era.

there will be new songs, BigHit had give us a code since run era. BIGHIT!!!!!!!!!!!I WILL SUE YOU! :p




Wings, BTS new album. Maybe they will release the album on October, this day BigHit has uploaded BTS WINGS(short movie) #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 and #6.

the person who in charge for the the first short movie was Jungkook, the title of the short movie is Begin, the second short movie was played by Jimin witht he title, LIE. The third movie was played by V, the title is Stigma, the worst moment is when V hugged his mom(maybe their make up artist, not his real mom). The fourth one, many ARMYs thought that it will be played by Jin but it was played by Suga, the title is First Love.

The fifth one was played by RapMonster, with the title reflection. The sixth one was played by J-Hope, the title is Mama.

all the circles were combining, Jungkook and Suga, Jimin and Jhope, we don’t know yet whether Rapmoster’s circles will be combined or not.

THANK YOU BIGHIT FOR KILLING US FOR A MILLION TIMES, in every BTS’ music video, there will a theory. ALWAYS. Bighit has made ARMYs gone crazyyyy.

My Worst Nightmare?!

last night I had a nightmare, it was scary. So at first I was just walking around at MKG(Mall Kelapa Gading) and then I met my friends, Chelsie,Arthur and my cousins. We talked each other for a long time and suddenly we heard a gunshot. I was thinking that it was just a gun toy, but it’s not!

I ran as fast as I can and when I look back I saw around 25 man wearing a black clothes with a black mask, only their eyes could be seen. I was thinking that it was ISIS–“.

So I stopped and turn back and I throw them a tear gas that I brought with me, I don’t know where it come from and suddenly it was in my pocket(Thank God…). I threw at them, they started to cough and cover their eyes, I walked beside them and I start kicked their legs so that their strength decreased. I took aroung 5-6 guns and I passed to my cousins, arthur and Chelsie to shoot all of them.

I ran again and guess what I found.

I found a gun store, I went there and luckily all of them are fully charged by bullets. I took the Shotgun and other guns and I passed to all of my friends and cousin and I asked them to keep shooting, I also took 5 bags of bullets and I asked them to keep them.

my cousins ask us to run and hide 2 by 2, boys and girls. I hid with my cousins, Chelsie hid with arthur, and when I want to take a peek, I saw one of the ISIS member stood right in front of me but not facing at me. I directly shoot him from behind on his head.

His friends noticed him and suddenly he points his gun at me and my cousins, we were caught but the two of them were dead in a sudden. I knew it, it was Chelsie who shot them.

we all ran as far as we can and saw the first and second floor from the small store that is hidden, we all know that this is maybe the end of our life on earth.

“You know what even though we are dead we still alive like this when we are arrived at heaven but without persecution,terrorism all we have will be Jesus Christ, smile,joyful everything.” said Chelsie while dropping her tears.

“But I don’t want to die yet. I still want to live” said Arthur while loading his gun.

“Surely everyone will die, no more escape Arthur, you should have know that.” Said Chelsie.

“Okay enough, all we need to do now is only protect ourselves and helped those people.” I said while looking down.

“sushh quiet I heard a footstep.” Arthur started to walk quietly while pointing his gun toward the door.

“Okay it’s gone, we’re safe.” my Cousins took a deep breath.

“Chel, where are they going? why they are asked to go outside?”

“You know, these people are really innocent, they didn’t know anything and now they were killed. You know how ISIS kill them?, they hands are cutted and their head will be smashed by a rock. everything they did were so cruel, no mercy” said Chelsie.

“That’s scary” I started to look down and all the people has gone already.

we all heard a child scream and crying. we all know they hold their pain, we all want to help them but we can’t. Chelsie began to cry, she really want to help them.

after around 3 hours we checked around, there is no more ISIS member, we all started to chill, but all of us should still be careful.

we all went to the parking lot and saw a car with a key inside, we went inside the car, luckily my cousins can drive a car. So we escape from the mall and saw a place that were used by ISIS to kill all of the people. They are all were dead and each of their head were placed in front of the house.

“maybe this is really the end of the world” Chelsie started it again.

and suddenly there were an earthquake, we all doesn’t feel anything when we looked back, the house that ISIS were staying are burnt by fire but the fire didn’t strike the other houses.

we all planned to leave our country tomorrow, so our cousins brought us to our own home and ask us to packed as many clothes as I can and bring all of my knife, the same with all of them.

and luckily there is 2 plane that haven’t take off yet, so we bought a ticket and went inside, we inhale and exhale deeply.

and I woke up and realize it was just a dream.